Training Courses

All Bella Body training courses include business consultation, on-location instruction, power point presentations, peer-reviewed articles, protocols, patient forms and legal documents, in printed and digital format so you can make any changes to fit your clinic’s needs. We train on a variety of patients, allowing you to work with different body types, genders, ages and ethnicities, which instills more confidence when it comes time to do a particular case on your own. Bella Body also provides a complete overview of standard equipment and products required to perform each procedure, recommending only safe, highly rated tools and materials.

Liposuction: Basic Training

This one-to-one, 3 DAY, training program is designed so you and your office staff (managers, medical assistants, nurses and surgical assistants) understand the overall procedure and how to offer the best service so that patients receive standard of care treatments. Bella Body’s basic liposuction training course is made for physicians who want a fundamental understanding of body sculpting and shaping performed in a safe and efficient manner. The course will cover every aspect of a liposuction case, from consultation to equipment, O.R. setup, legal forms and, most importantly, an understanding of the anatomy and the procedure itself. At the end of your training, you should feel totally confident doing a proper patient consultation, knowing how to correctly evaluate whether or not a person is a good candidate for lipo. You will also be able to perform a standard liposuction procedure on just about any type of qualifying patient.

Fat Grafting To the Face

Our fat grafting course is designed to address the main issue that concerns patients: Aging, which is typically caused by volume loss. The training starts with a presentation that will cover the basics of facial anatomy, facial aging and the concept of fat as a filler. Our course will prepare you to have the capacity to do a mini liposuction to retrieve the fat that will be grafted, and will teach all of the placement techniques for females and males according to age and ethnicity.

Botox/Dysport Training

This is a very detailed and practical course that will teach you everything you need to know to implement botulinum toxin at your clinic. The course is designed to show you how to treat patients with specific doses for females and males, and it teaches the basic and advanced techniques of aesthetic treatments. It also teaches how to implement this product for non-aesthetic treatments like migranes and hyperhidrosis. Our course will provide patients of different ages, ethnicities and genders so you can practice and learn from each specific situation. We also train with both Botox and Dysport, so you can make the correct judgement for which product to use according to the circumstances.

HA Fillers

Before fat came along, there were fillers. Hialuronic Acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm offer a safe and fast solution for patients seeking volume. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this treatment has increased in demand 300% since 2009 . Our filler course is designed to help you understand the main causes of facial aging and how to properly restore volume. It is very detailed and informative, teaching you to make the correct decision when using a specific HA filler for a specific area of the face. During the day, you will have the opportunity to inject patients and to treat the most common areas of volume deficiency, such as cheeks, lips and nasolabial folds. Advanced students will receive further training in temples, tear troughs and hands.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT has been used for many years to help older women manage symptoms of menopause. It has been proven that synthetic hormones can cause serious side effects that are mostly cardiovascular, putting at risk the health of patients. BHRT is a great way to complement the practice of those who are looking for a more natural way to treat their patients. Men and woman can benefit from bioidentical hormones to help with postmenopausal symptoms and for anti-aging. This one day course will cover the basics of hormones and their important function in our organisms. It will teach you how to recognize symptoms of hormone deficiency, how to order the proper laboratory exams to correctly diagnose a disease and it will provide you the protocols to treat specific symptoms with specific hormones. This includes hCG for medical weight loss.

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